Saturday, January 22, 2011

Finally... something to post.

Okay, my hiatus is done... I finally have something new to put here. Most of January has been spent cleaning and reorganizing the studio, complete with a brand new easel that I've been wanting to get for a while now. And also doing some reading on the classical art method, which will hopefully help me to be better at what I do. And doing this painting, called "The Bread Seller." This is the latest in my Holy Land series. This is just a very quick candid moment from Egypt as we were riding around on the bus in Alexandria. We passed this gentleman on the side of the road, and I somehow managed to process this scene in my mind as an excellent painting subject and snapped a picture of it... all within a fraction of a second as we rode along. Pretty good, eh?
In other news, I will soon be re-entering the Blue Springs Fine Art Show, which is set for March 26-27. I entered last year, and it was a great experience. Although, we got hit by snow last year on that weekend, so from what I heard, attendance was apparently not what it typically should have been. Hopefully this year will be nicer in terms of weather.

The Bread Seller
oil on canvas
16x20 inches

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