Monday, February 28, 2011

St. Catherine of Bologna

This is my tribute to the patron saint of artists, St. Catherine of Bologna.  She was born Catherine de'Vigri in 1413, and became a Franciscan Tertiary at the age of fourteen.  In 1431, she founded a Monestery of the Order of the Poor Clares.  She is attributed with having visions of God and Satan, and are recorded in some of her writings.  Some of her writings and artwork still survive to this day.  St. Catherine died in 1463 at the age of 48, and her body was exhumed 18 days after her death after reports of graveside miracles.  As it turns out, her body was found to be incorrupt.  Her body was relocated, and now can be seen on display at the chapel of the Poor Clares in Bologna.

St. Catherine of Bologna
oil on canvas
18x24 inches

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