Monday, March 7, 2011

6 Reasons To Draw

Here's a little something from Juliette Aristides: 6 reasons to draw.

1. Drawing forces you to slow down and become a more careful and powerful observer of the world around you.
2. In our culture it is easy to be passively entertained. By unplugging the computer, i-pod, cell phone etc and drawing you become an active, creative participant in the world.
3. Drawing impacts many careers from the design professions to carpentry. Studying drawing makes you more sensitive to what works visually and why.
4. You will have a greatly increased appreciation and understanding of art.
5. For the cost of a pencil and paper you get to unlock a whole world.
6. You will never be bored again.

Copy after Velazquez's Study for the Head of Apollo
red conté and charcoal

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