Thursday, March 31, 2011

Tribute to a forgotten Master

This is my latest work, and it is my personal tribute to an artist that deserves recognition in this generation.  It is a copy of a portrait featured in Jacopo Pontormo's painting Visitation, painted around 1515 (Not to be confused with another more famous piece of his also called Visitation from 1528).  It was a fresco, and one of his earliest works, and certainly one of his most beautiful paintings.  I chose to copy a work from Pontormo because he is a recent discovery for me, and I was instantly intrigued by his work the minute I saw it.  And thinking how he is a nearly forgotten master of the Italian Renaissance, I thought I would do a small part in revealing to others his mastery, and perhaps breathe a small breath of life back into his legacy.

Copy after Pontormo
oil on canvas
16x20 inches

Jacopo Pontormo
392x337 cm
c. 1515

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