Thursday, April 28, 2011

Lessons in Classical Drawing - New book by Aristides!

Some people go nuts over royal weddings.  Some people go nuts over new Harry Potter movies.

As for me, nothing makes me more giddy with excitement than new books by Juliette Aristides.  It doesn't release until November this year... which is going to make this a very long 6 months for me.  However, for those of you like me who are excited about this book's release, and would like to secure your copy right now, it is available right now for pre-order on Amazon.

The book is Lessons in Classical Drawing.  The subtitle is "Essential Techniques from Inside the Atelier," and the book also comes with a companion dvd.  So I would assume that this book is going to contain lessons in drawing that Aristides actually teaches in her own atelier at Gage Academy.  Or at least lessons in basic form from her atelier, as well as she can put into writing form.  Which is probably why she has included a dvd.  There's only so much one can learn about drawing from a book, and as excited as I am about this book, I am also excited that I may actually get a visual lesson from Aristides herself on the dvd.  At least I hope that's what it will be.

Here's the link to Amazon in case anyone wants to gift this book to me!
Lessons in Classical Drawing - Juliette Aristides

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