Monday, April 25, 2011

New Projects and Updates 4/25/11

The newest projects in the works:

1.  I'm currently working on a painting study for a larger painting to come of Startled Bathsheba.  Many versions of the Biblical figure Bathsheba are, let's be honest, figure paintings of a female nude.  I'll be going in a slightly different direction by painting more of an expressive portrait of her that brings the focal point to her face.  It actually won't be a nude figure at all, as you may be able to tell from the underpainting of the study above.  I will be showing its progression later on.

2.  My upcoming exhibition at the Plaza Latte Land is just around the corner, so I am in the process of getting paintings framed and ready for hanging.  I have 10 paintings that I would like to show, provided there is room to hang them all.  Several of which will be Holy Land paintings, in addition to a couple of other recent pieces including my copy of Velázquez's Infanta Margarita.  The exhibition runs from May 13 - June 2 at Latte Land located on Jefferson St. at the Plaza in Kansas City.

3.  Pretty soon I hope to add a "Donate" button to my blog that will appear to the side with the other links.  All donations will be via PayPal, and any that I get will go strictly towards my art budget for supplies.  I also hope to create a "store" of sorts if I can figure out how to do such a thing.  I'm hoping it will be an easy way for everyone to see paintings I currently have for sale, and in keeping with the 21st century, help potential buyers to simply buy my "non-Ebay" work online.  We'll see how it goes.  One little project at a time!

4.  By the way, just a refresher on ways to contact me.
Ebay:  See my "Links and Resources."
And of course, you may certainly comment on any of my blog posts.  But I will delete any spammy messages that have nothing to do with anything related to art.  Particularly my art. :)

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