Monday, December 12, 2011

Paintings, updates, and thoughts for 2012

I just hate that feeling of having left something behind, and making people wonder, "Whatever happened to... ?"  Well, rest assured I have not given up on painting things, even though it has been a while since you've seen any from me.  As we speak there are new things drying... one of which I will show you now, and the other you'll see after Christmas.  The one you see here is the latest of my Holy Land-inspired works.  This one is from Egypt again.  It is a canopy located in the gardens at Montazah Palace in Alexandria, Egypt.  A very beautiful place it most certainly was.

Canopy at Montazah Palace
oil on canvas
16x20 inches
And of course, the other project I've been working on will be revealed after Christmas.  At this point, since that particular project is finished, I am happy to have the pressure off for a little bit to move on to some other projects.  I still have some Holy Land ideas in mind, and those will certainly come after the new year.  I've given some thought to the Lenten season as well.  This year's 40 Days of Artists seemed to be a pretty good hit for a number of folks.  I really enjoyed it, and was happy to give my two cents on the greatest masters in art's history.  It was a challenge, and I hope that next year's Lenten season presents something equally challenging for me (if not more), and will be just as interesting (if not more).  I'll be announcing my idea for Lent in a later post.  I'm just hoping the idea I have in mind will be feasible!  Other than that, I'm looking forward to 2012 being a very productive year.

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