Tuesday, February 7, 2012

Juan de Pareja

Here is the latest in a series of Velázquez copies I've done.  This is Juan de Pareja, one of my very favorite portraits by Velázquez.  Juan de Pareja was a slave in Velázquez's workshop, which basically meant that he was the assistant to Velázquez and helped with mixing pigments, stretching canvases, etc.  However, he was also quite the painter himself, and has at least one painting hanging in the Prado along with the numerous works of his master.
  I've attempted to copy this portrait before, but never had success.  Now that I have finished this one, I would contend that it is reasonably successful enough to say I won't need to do it again.  After all, it's not necessarily about making a perfect replica as it is about trying to better understand the style and technique of a genius.

Copy of Juan de Pareja, after Velázquez
oil on canvas
20x16 inches

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