Friday, March 9, 2012

Still Lifes and such

Yesterday I did a second effort at the figure in motion.. slightly more finished than the last.  There is something very mesmerizing about the drawing technique of Rob Liberace... it's a 3 hour long dvd, but I love watching it and seeing this fantastic drawing come to life from the first mark on the paper to the very last detail.  I am hoping to get a couple more of his dvds at some point, particularly The Alla Prima Portrait and The Figure Sketch in Oil.  After all, I am a painter, so I'd love to watch Liberace do a painting in the same manner as I love watching him do a full drawing.  Though, I'll have to wait until I either have some money ($85 per dvd), or I can find them on ebay and luck out with a winning bid at what would hopefully be a lower price than $85.

Figure in Motion II
graphite on toned paper
On another note, I received my official confirmation from Blue Springs, so I am definitely set to go for the art show on March 24-25.  I will be sure to let everyone know how that goes. 
In the meantime, I am working on a little series of still life paintings, and today I did a small and simple still life with pears.  I'll be doing several paintings like this, but of course I'll also be continuing to work on portraits and figures.

Still Life with Pears
oil on canvas
8x10 inches
For those interested in buying some work, I also have 7 new paintings just posted on Ebay this week (10 total as of now).  Please check those out... it is the cheapest you will ever get any of my work!!

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