Friday, April 13, 2012

Figure study soundtrack

One of the things that makes drawing, painting, sculpting, etc. such a demanding craft is the fact that it is often so tedious.  I typically need some kind of musical score playing while I'm drawing or painting.  Such was the case this week as I worked on a few figure studies.  I did two sets this week - a male and female set of three figures.  So as you can imagine, the laborious task of quite literally getting my hands dirty... and every tedious hatch of my pencil... it's enough to make me go mental. 
So with that, I thought I would share a sampling of the music I listen to during my long hours of drawing and painting.  I love a whole bunch of different genres of music, but the kind I most frequently play in the studio is classical, and old Renaissance a'cappella choirs especially.  I know, pretty odd.  But take a listen to one of my favorites here.  This is called Trahe me, post te, by Francisco Guerrero (1528-99), and it is without question one of the most beautiful things I've ever heard.

Female figure studies
graphite on toned paper
Male figure studies
graphite and conté

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