Wednesday, January 2, 2013

Portrait of a Woman - Finished

Today I worked for about 4 or 5 hours completing a portrait that I had started a few weeks ago, and if you recall I posted this picture of the underpainting:

So, after spending time on it today, it has now become this:

Now I also attempted to make a video of the entire process, although my camera's battery went out near the end of the painting.  Everything else came out okay, and I am in the process of editing.  So hopefully I will have a decent video to show soon.  Except you won't get to see the end, but all you're really missing is the painting of the background.  The figure, for the most part, was completed.

My next project will probably be to finish up the other portrait that I started some months ago:

As you can see, she's got quite the matte finish to her, so she'll need to be oiled over again before I continue work on her.  I haven't even shown you the rest of the painting, because there is hardly anything great to look at.  What you see here is the best part of the entire thing so far. 

So until next time, hope you enjoy!

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