Tuesday, February 19, 2013

Alla Prima #7 - Old Man

Hi everyone,
Well, we're getting ready for a crazy snow storm this week... boo.  But the good news is that it hopefully won't affect painting this week.  Sadly, Summit Art's figure drawing class is already cancelled for this week because it doesn't look like we can avoid the snow coming on Wednesday night and Thursday.  Anyway, here is one of today's alla prima paintings... Yes I said one of them.  I actually managed to do two today, but I'm going to wait to post it.  In the meantime, here is this one.  I did this with the same sitter as The Wise Old Man.  You might be able to tell... it almost looks like the same painting.  Except this one is smaller, and is alla prima #7 in my series.  Hope you like, and stay tuned for more tomorrow.

Alla Prima #7 - The Old Man
oil on canvas
14x11 inches

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