Friday, May 24, 2013

New painting progression

For about the past month or so, I have been contemplating, and now finally working on a Crucifixion painting.  I started this process with 5 studies on the pose, color, and composition (2 drawings and 3 oil sketches).  I decided to work with a very limited palette.  Altogether, I'll be working with about 6 colors - raw umber, burnt sienna, french ultramarine, lapis lazuli, vermilion, and white.  Any other color I use will be very minimal.  Here is the progression of studies, and the current progression on the painting:

I omitted one of the oil studies because it's irrelevant to the final composition, but it resembles the first drawing.  The last picture is the final painting in progress, as completed today.  The canvas is 40x30 inches.
It has occurred to me that I have no idea what to do with this painting once it's finished.  Being a large-scale canvas, I know there are some shows that restrict paintings based on size, and I am pretty sure this canvas exceeds that restriction.  So if anything, this will hopefully be shown in a solo exhibition where I'm not under those kinds of restrictions.  Secondly, I have never framed a painting this large, and will probably have to have it custom-framed.  Not looking forward to that.  But I hope this piece turns out okay and will be worth the labor I'm putting into it. 
More to come soon...

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