Wednesday, January 8, 2014

Updates, Stuff, and Thangs 1/8/14

Today I finished a new painting.  It's a little something completely different than the usual portrait or figure.  I've had this concept in my mind for almost a year now, and I finally got around to doing it.  I wanted to do something that incorporated an element of motion in it, or at least the feeling of motion.  This is inspired by some of Rob Liberace's "figure in motion" pieces, and by my own idea of creating a piece that featured only a series of hands in various positions.  The result was this:

Give Me A Sign
oil on canvas
24x30 inches
If you're familiar with sign language, this is my best depiction of the hand sign for "Jesus Christ."  The finger of one hand rests on the palm of the other, and then the hands move in an arc to the vice versa position.  So often we hear the prayer, or have spoken the prayer ourselves at one point.. "God, just give me a sign..."  If we ever needed a sign from God that He loved us, cared for us, and wanted the best thing for us, the nails in His Son's hands should be that sign.  So here's your sign.

So in other news, I've applied to a show taking place in April, and it's supposed to be a pretty good fundraiser for a Christian school in Prairie Village, KS.  It's simply called The Art Event at KCC, and I'm hoping to get accepted for it.  It sounds like a fun time!  Another show I'll be applying to soon will be the Images Gallery Exhibition, also in April.  I did this show last year, and it was a fun reception.  I did feel like I got robbed on the awards, but hey.. let's see what happens this time around.  But coming up before either of those will be the Blue Springs show, which has traditionally been in March.  I've done that show 4 times so far, and I'm looking forward to taking home the big prize this year.  I must conquer 1st Best of Show at Blue Springs this year.  I will conquer it. 

Tonight I had the pleasure of meeting Adam Clague, a magnificent painter of portraits and figures, as he came as a guest speaker for tonight's Summit Art meeting.  It is a rare treasure to have an artist of this caliber living in the Kansas City area.  I am looking forward to getting to know him more and painting with him soon at his studio.  Check out his amazing work!  I was fortunate to see this amazing piece tonight, and he has several others of equal awesomeness.

oil on canvas
20x16 inches
As always, stay tuned for more work, news, rants, what have you...  More to come soon!

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