Friday, August 22, 2014

Ice Ice Baby

Hello everyone!

It's been a really fun week, I have to say.  I just finished Abbey's portrait, and no sooner than I did that, she and her parents challenged me to the Ice Bucket Challenge for ALS awareness after first taking on the challenge themselves.  So I accepted, and here is the video of me doing it!

Well, speaking of ice... Right after I did this, I ran over to drop off some paintings for the Raytown Artists Association show, which is taking place today and tomorrow (8/22-23).  And wouldn't you know it, my painting Icy Stare has taken the 1st Place award in the Oil Painting category!

So that tops off a great week for me in the art/ice world.  Stay tuned for more news very soon.  I have received a new commission this week as well.  And it gave me an idea that could expand and turn into a regular thing pretty soon.. This is one of the ideas I had floating around in my head this week, and I'm prepared to turn it into a reality.  Stay tuned!!

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