Friday, August 1, 2014

News from the studio 8/1/14

So news from the studio...

The latest issue of Lee's Summit Lifestyle magazine is out, and it features a Q&A article with me.  If you aren't subscribed to the magazine, no worries.  Here is the online article:

Just gives a little background on me, and some insights on what inspires me as a painter.

Lately, I've been finally getting into a little plein air painting.  I've done only a couple so far, but they were really fun and challenging.  Definitely something I can really get into once the weather cools off a bit, especially when the fall colors start to form.  But here are the ones I've done so far.

In addition, I've had a couple of other projects going.  I'm trying to get some still life skills improved, and so I've done a few more rose studies.  I'm a bit stuck on how I want to paint them... if they should be well detailed or shorthand.  Here's a little glimpse..

Still working things out with that.  Anyway, here's another recent piece called "White Hat."  Kind of a random portrait, but something I love painting is a figure or object in the shadows with little bits of it (or in this case, her) peeking out into the light.  The illusion of depth via light and shadow is a powerful thing if you can pull it off as a painter.

That's about all for now.  Like I said, I have a couple of other projects going right now... one of them I'm really really hoping to pull off well.  Let's just say I am placing some very high standards and expectations on myself for this piece.  So it's going to take a little time. 
More to come soon...

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