Wednesday, September 3, 2014

News from the Studio 9/3/2014

Lately, I've just been painting.

Seriously, for the first time all year long, I have a break where I'm not currently doing any exhibitions.  So I've had some time to get to work in the studio, and hopefully pull off some awesome stuff for 2015 shows.  But I am hoping to get into at least one more show before 2014 is over.  We'll see.
Well, one awesome bit of news.  It's kind of old because I've not updated this page since the RAA show.  But I mentioned my 1st place win for Icy Stare.. well, as it turned out right as I was about to check out of the show on that Saturday, they also awarded me with the People's Choice award for Give Me A Sign.  I have NO idea how that happened!  One thing is for certain... the people who voted for me are completely anonymous.  I have no idea who they were.  I didn't even cast a vote.  It was pretty amazing to think that people I don't even know voted for my piece.  In some ways, a People's Choice is a greater award than a Best of Show.  A Best of Show award is given by a judge or small panel of judges.  But the People's Choice is selected by everyone at the show.  The ones that matter most to me... the viewers.  So whoever you all are that selected my piece, thank you.
Since the Raytown show, I've done 2 more paintings.  The first one gave me an interesting challenge.  I chose the wrong size canvas for it.  I determined this well into the painting as I discovered I had way to much negative background space.  So I pulled the canvas off of its stretcher and wrapped it around a smaller stretcher... while it was still wet.  I couldn't help it.  I'm just that impatient, and I didn't want to wait for it to dry before I re-stretched it.  Well, let me just say the lesson here is that it would have been much easier and less messy to let it dry first.  Patience, artists.  But it turned out okay in the end, and here it is:

Got a Light?
oil on canvas
20x16 inches
The second piece I just finished earlier today.  Lately, I've been feeling nostalgic about the old Holy Land trip I took a few years ago.  I want so badly to go back to Israel someday and paint like crazy.  God willing, someday.
So I did this piece inspired by my brief time there.  By the way, painting stones is a long, boring, exhausting process.  But I think it was worth the labor.

Old Road in Nazareth
oil on canvas
20x24 inches
I am still planning on doing more plein air painting soon.  I am actually waiting for fall colors to start forming before I get back outside.  Cannot wait for that!
I have some commissions on deck... Just have some details to work out with clients first, and hopefully we'll get them going soon.  By the way, if you are interested in commissioning me for a piece, by all means don't hesitate to contact me at  I'd love to talk about doing a painting for you!
That's all for now.  I've gotten some inquiries about when I'll be posting Abbey's portrait.  Well, that one took a little longer to dry than I expected.  And my promise was to let Abbey see it in person before anyone else got to see it.  But the good news... that's about to happen.  Stay tuned!

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