Tuesday, September 9, 2014

Very interesting...

I just had a birthday this week, and I tried a little something new.  And wow, was it difficult!
I did an oil painting on copper, and it was not nearly as fun as I hoped it would be.  I messed up several times.  I'm not 100% certain I prepared the surface correctly, but in the end, it worked out okay.  I started by sanding the surface a bit, and tried to rub a little lemon juice over it (the acids are supposed to help the paint adhere better). 
Well, it was okay for my first time.  I have another copper plate to work on, and I'll hopefully get the surface just right on that one.  Anyway, here is my effort.  In celebration of another year of my life, I did a selfie.  I did some glazing on it yesterday with a little viridian, so this is the most up-to-date version.

My 33 Year Old Self
oil on copper
8x6 inches
This is one of those instances where the photo really doesn't do it justice.  The painting itself looks so much better than the picture of it.  But there it is. 
So my thoughts on painting on copper... Well, it's probably supposed to be a lot more fun than this first one of mine was.  It's really all about properly preparing the surface.  If it's too smooth, the paint will not stick to the surface, and it won't be fun at all.  That's definitely the key.  But an interesting thing to experiment with.  Give it a shot.
That's all for now.. Stay tuned for more.

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