Sunday, September 10, 2017

YouTube Vlog #13 - Current Projects

Hey everyone,
Here is the latest vlog, just showing what new paintings I've been working on lately.  Including some of the pieces I've entered for the National Oil and Acrylic Painters' Society Small Works show in Parkville, MO.  I'll be getting the official notification of (hopefully) acceptance at the end of this month.  Also, please check out RS Hanna Gallery's website to see my available paintings and contact the gallery to inquire about pricing and purchasing:

Saturday, September 2, 2017

News from the Studio 9/2/17

Hey there my friends, here is the latest from the studio:

  • The National Oil and Acrylic Painters' Society show at R.S. Hanna Gallery in Fredericksburg, Texas has officially kicked off.  The unfortunate news, however, is that they had to postpone their First Friday Art Walk demos and festivities for September 1st because of the hurricane's aftermath, and the flooding in Texas that has caused many issues with travel.  I had planned on being there this weekend for the September Art Walk to see the show and do a painting demonstration.  But due to the cancellation, I will be heading down there for First Friday, October 6th.  I plan on doing my painting demo at that time, and hopefully will be able to do a live stream video via YouTube.  I will keep you all posted on that as it gets closer.

  • I have submitted entries for two more exhibitions this fall.  Both of which are juried shows, so I will post updates soon as I am notified on whether or not I am accepted.  The first is the 11th Annual State of the Arts Juried Show in Prairie Village, Kansas at the R.G. Endres Gallery.  The other show is the National Oil and Acrylic Painters' Society Small Works Show in Parkville, Missouri.  Stay tuned for news on both of these shows!
  • Here are the latest works in my Imago Dei series:
oil on canvas
24x20 inches

oil on canvas
36x24 inches

oil on canvas
28x22 inches
  • Cocoon is available at Jones Gallery in Kansas City, and both Glide and Contrition are currently available through my studio.  Please contact me at to inquire about purchasing.
That is all the news for now.  Stay tuned for more vlogs coming up on YouTube, as well as news about fall shows and future works.  

Thursday, August 31, 2017

YouTube Vlog #12 - Zorn Palette Demo

I posted this latest vlog a little while ago on YouTube, so here it is if you haven't seen it.  It's a follow-up to my previous one where I showed you my palette and some of the colors I use.  In this one, I do a very basic color-mixing demo using the Zorn palette just to show you what kinds of variations of colors, tints and such that you can get with such a limited palette.  And in particular, I wanted to show the sorts of things you can accomplish with black (for those of us who have been taught to avoid black on our palettes).  Hope you enjoy!

Friday, August 18, 2017

YouTube Vlog #11 - My Palette


Here's my latest vlog on YouTube, where I show you my palette o' colors.  I have a whole bunch more, but what I show you here are my most frequently used colors for portrait, figure, and landscape painting.  I am planning a follow-up video where I demonstrate a little color mixing, but for now I hope this is informative.

Saturday, July 22, 2017

News from the Studio 7/22/17

Hi friends, here is the latest from my studio:

  • In case you haven't seen my announcement on Facebook, I was accepted for the RS Hanna Gallery representation for their Fall Showcase from September 1st - December 31st!  I got the notification late in June, and I have been incredibly busy getting ready for the show since then.  I would truly appreciate your prayers as I get ready for the exhibition.  I've been a little stressed and overwhelmed by all of it, and just hoping that it is a worthwhile thing.  Plus, I am planning on making the trip down there in Fredericksburg, TX for the September 1st opening.  All of the expenses and preparation have been a lot of work (and money), but I'm hopeful for a good outcome from this experience.  
  • To be honest, that is pretty much all the news from the studio I have.  But I have also just posted the latest Vlog #10 on YouTube, where I talk a little bit about the RS Hanna exhibition, and I get one of my paintings ready for the show with a varnishing and a frame.  Here is the latest vlog from the studio:

  • I am planning on showing a few new pieces from my series called Imago Dei at Jones Gallery for the August 4th First Friday, so if you are in the Kansas City area, I hope you will come on out to the gallery and say hello.  I'm really hoping this new series of figure paintings will have some positive responses.  I am hoping to get 2 or 3 at Jones Gallery for August.  I am sending 2 of them to RS Hanna for the September opening.  Here are the latest in the series:
oil on canvas
36x24 inches

oil on canvas
24x20 inches

oil on canvas
20x16 inches

  • Keep tuning in to my YouTube channel for upcoming vlogs!  I still have plenty of ideas to come soon, including more from my art library, First Friday vlogs, my RS Hanna journey, and other vlogs with tips and techniques for all you oil painters out there.  Please check out my channel and subscribe!

More to come soon!

Friday, July 7, 2017

YouTube Vlog #9 - Stages of Oil Painting Part V: Final Touches

Today I posted the fifth and final stage in my oil painting creation process on YouTube.  In this stage, I simply put the finishing touches on the figure using some glazes and scumbled highlights.  I also brought the background to a finish using a number of abstract paint application techniques (more glazing, palette knife, impasto, etc.).  Hope you enjoy this final installment of my Stages of Oil Painting vlog series!

Sunday, July 2, 2017

YouTube Vlog #8 - Stages of Oil Painting Part IV: 2nd Color

Hi friends,

The next vlog is up!  This is my fourth installment of my Stages of Oil Painting, and this one is on the 2nd painting, or 2nd color stage.  Here, the colors of the figure get a little more specific, and I've expanded my palette from the previous limited "Zorn" palette to include some crimson and some ultramarine blue and some dioxazine purple.  Although, I am using these colors sparingly and keeping the application thin and translucent to allow for some of the 1st color to show through.

Stay tuned for the fifth and final stage coming soon!  In the meantime, I hope you enjoy part IV: