Thursday, November 28, 2013

A peek at some new work...

Okay, so I've taken my own personal oath that I won't be showing any new work online until the Gamber Center Exhibition next year.  My hope is to give a little incentive for people to come out to the exhibition for some never-before-seen work.  So I'm staying true to that.  However, that doesn't mean I can't show off a few close-up details of new paintings I've been working on.  So here's a little peek:

Detail of "Intermission".  Oil on canvas, 28x22 inches.

Detail of "Man Wearing a Bear Fur Scarf".  Oil on canvas, 24x18 inches.

Detail of "Prayer in the Wilderness".  Oil on canvas, 24x20 inches.

So you'd think that I was dabbling with a bit of non-representational, modern-artsy abstract stuff... but I can assure you I am doing no such thing.  I wouldn't dream of it.  However, these really are close-ups of finished paintings that I've done recently, and ones that will be included in the Gamber Center.  I absolutely cannot wait for everyone to see them.. hopefully they'll rock your socks off.  Stay tuned for more little teasers like this.  I'll also have a few paintings soon that I'll actually be kind enough to fully show you.. Maybe.

Thursday, November 7, 2013

The Gamber Center Exhibition, and why it matters

Alright, so in my previous post I mentioned another exhibition announcement that I had, and here it is.
I have been chosen as one of four artists to exhibit work at The Gamber Center in Lee's Summit, Missouri next year, and I couldn't be more excited/humbled/happy about it. 
This will be my first solo exhibition in 3 years, and also the largest, which is what makes this the most important exhibition of my career to date.  The work I'll be showing will include my best work from years past until now, including work I haven't shown yet, and hopefully brand new work that I haven't even made yet!  That all depends on when the exhibition will be.  The details haven't been determined yet, but I am looking forward to sharing it with everyone, and hope to see a whole bunch of friends at the reception... which may or may not include a live demonstration. 
So please stay tuned for more news about the Gamber Center Exhibition as it comes, and be on the lookout for the reception date for sure.  That will be the really important part.  To everyone that is a fan, to my loved ones including friends and family that have supported me as an artist, and to all my artist collegues that have encouraged me - I dedicate this exhibition to you.

Saturday, November 2, 2013

New work and announcements

It's been pretty busy lately in the studio, and I'm loving every minute of it.  My portrait painting class is doing so well, and we're all having an awesome time.  I truly feel in my element with it.  We have 3 weeks left and we're getting ready to start alla prima painting, which I am excited for!  And hopefully my students will be as well, especially those that like a more loose and spontaneous form of painting that exploits the abstract qualities of oil. 

This week I did a new portrait called Flamenco Dancer, and just finished it today.  It was basically a 3-day project, and I'm looking forward to showing it soon.

Flamenco Dancer
oil on canvas
20x16 inches
Speaking of showing work, I have a couple of show announcements to share that I am also really excited about.  The first is coming up later this month at Got Art Gallery in Lee's Summit.  It's the Seasonal/Holiday show featuring Summit Art artists, and goes from November 18 until January 7.  I'll have at least two pieces showing, and possibly more depending on how many artists respond to the show call.

I do have another show announcement to make that I am overwhelmed with excitement about, but will save that for its own blog post.. it's a big one!
But getting back to the portrait classes... I am really really wanting to expand it and go another 6 weeks after I'm done with this first 6-week period which ends November 19.  I am thinking hopefully I'll be able to start up again in January after Christmas and New Year's are done.. that crazy time of year.  But there is already interest in it from some folks, so I'll take it as a good sign that I can get it going.  I hope I can.
If anyone... ANYONE.. is interested or knows of someone who might be interested in taking the class with me, please send me a message at  Obviously, Kansas City area residents only.. unless you really want to commute every week from wherever.

That's all for now.. and again stay tuned for my other show announcement, and of course more art!