Monday, March 2, 2015

The Classic Portrait in Oil - A 2-Day Workshop with Ryan Delgado

Hi friends!

Okay, so if you've already seen my Facebook page, then this is old news for you.  But keep reading, because I want to share a bit more information about my upcoming workshop in Lee's Summit, Missouri on painting the portrait in oil!

As you can see, the workshop is April 16-17, and for members of Summit Art, the cost is a very reasonable $160, and a still reasonable $180 for non-members.

During the two days, I will be giving demonstration and instruction on my approach to painting a portrait.  We'll be working with a basic 2-stage process:  1.  Drawing with burnt umber.  2.  Building up with color using an alla prima approach.

Drawing with paint - On Day 1, we'll be doing Stage 1, which is what I refer to as "drawing with paint."  Everything we do in this first stage uses the basic principles of drawing.  The only difference is that instead of using a dry medium such as graphite or charcoal on paper, we'll be drawing with a wet medium - oil paint on canvas.  Specifically burnt umber or raw umber.  We'll be using what's known as a reductive drawing method, in which we tone the canvas and use heavier paint for masses of shadow, and rub out tone with a rag for areas of light.

Build-up with color - On Day 2, we'll be getting into Stage 2, which is the build-up with color.  In this stage, we abandon brown altogether, and pay close attention to the colors that are happening in the subject, both in lights and in the shadows.  We use our painted drawings as a roadmaps for color placement, but all the while still thinking about drawing.  In this stage, it is important to multitask in a way.  We'll be focusing on how color and value work together, how to create different values of a particular color, and keeping darks in the dark family, and lights in the light family.

In addition to all of this, I'll be touching on topics such as lighting, how to take and use good photo references, using oil medium, and more.

If you are really itching to learn some great concepts for portrait painting, then this is the workshop for you!  This is absolutely a workshop for any skill level, and I especially welcome beginners in portrait painting.

To register, please visit  Go to "Classes" on the menu and scroll down to "Adults" where you'll see a pop-up tab that says "Workshops."  Or you may call Got Art Gallery directly at 816-600-5932 and speak to Teresa Keene about signing up for the Ryan Delgado workshop.  For the complete supply list, contact Teresa, or contact me directly at