Thursday, May 17, 2012

Still Life with Apple

Sorry for the lack of updates... here is my latest.  Actually, it was an underpainting I had lying around for a while, and I finally got around to it today.

Still Life with Apple
oil on canvas
8x10 inches
So a few updates:
I have applied to become an artist member of Summit Art, a local art league/organization, and my jury was today.  Basically that means a committee of artists looked at some of my work, and will decide if it's good enough for me to be a member.  Kind of like a proficiency review I suppose.  Anyway, I should know soon if I've been accepted.
Other than that, I have a couple of projects ahead of me now that this still life is finished.  I felt bad just leaving it there unfinished, and I didn't want to move on to anything new until it got done.  I've also had a couple of commissions recently that I have finished up.  So unless any other commissions pop up, I'll be working on some projects of my own, which will hopefully be decent future show works.
That's all for now... keep on the lookout for some new stuff coming soon!

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