Thursday, August 1, 2013

RAA Exhibition, August 23-24

Next exhibition coming up!

This is my second year doing the Raytown Artists' Association show, and like last year I'll have 3 paintings showing, including the one in this picture called Sfumato.  I'm really hoping for a great turnout this year. 
By the way, there is a People's Choice award at this exhibition, so if you are able I encourage you to come on Friday and vote!  It will be awarded later that evening at the awards reception.

No major news on my newest work, St. Sebastian.  It's almost finished... I'm just waiting for the FedEx truck to get here and deliver my medium that I'm going to be using.  But for now, the painting is on hold.  Tonight is figure drawing class at the gallery, so I'm anticipating this painting will be finished sometime tomorrow, or perhaps this weekend.
All for now.. more to come soon!

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