Monday, November 24, 2014

Portrait of Mason

Yesterday after church, I finally revealed and handed over the portrait of Mason to his family.  And as promised, now that that's happened, I can reveal it to everyone.  

As I've mentioned before, this portrait began back in August when Mason's mom commissioned me to do it.  She told me that since Mason wasn't exactly the type to do photo sessions, she at least wanted to do something for his senior year.  She saw that I had done the portrait of Abbey, and figured it would be the perfect idea to have me paint Mason's portrait for the occasion.  Of course, I agreed right away.

So near the end of September, I went over to their house and had Mason sit for about 4 hours, give or take, for the underpainting and first stages of color.

It was a lot of fun... at least for me.  Mason sure was a good sport for sitting there for so long.  He got breaks, of course (top picture).  But still, it's a hard job holding a pose, even if you're just sitting there staring at a wall.

I took the painting home and finished it in the studio.  It took the rest of the week to finish.  Lots of glazing and additional layers of color went into it.  At that point it looked nothing like the painting I brought home after the sitting.  It was done, and I was happy.

So, like I said, yesterday I finally got to hand over the painting to Mason's family, all finished and framed.  And here it is for you to see.

Portrait of Mason
oil on canvas
14x11 inches
It's really no secret that nothing, truly nothing, is more satisfying for an artist than the reaction you get when you reveal a commissioned painting to its owner, and then hand it over to them.  I honestly wish I could have that experience more often.  Just to let everyone know, I really am not that good at self-promotion.  Doing so in a non-conceited way and remaining humble is so hard.  But I will say that if you commission me for a painting, I will deliver a painting far beyond your expectations because I am inspired and driven by the reactions I get from them.  My sincere thanks to the Webb family for giving me this opportunity, and I hope you enjoy this painting for years and generations to come!

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