Monday, June 1, 2015

News from the Studio 6/1/15

Hi there friends!  Got some more news coming to you directly from the studio:

May was a pretty exciting month for me, and it started on the very first day with my first ever First Friday show in the Crossroads Arts District in downtown Kansas City at David Jones Gallery at 17th/18th and Walnut.  Such an awesome show, and I made a really awesome sale.  Definitely some encouragement!

**And some good breaking news this week!  You have a chance to see the show at Jones Gallery for June First Friday as well, as I got a very nice extension from David.  So it'll be up for another month, and I will be there this Friday, June 5th from 6-9pm.  My work will be moved to the upstairs gallery to make room for Michael Coleman, a painter currently based in New Mexico, but originally from KC.  And his work is pretty amazing from what I've seen on his Facebook page.  Definitely don't want to miss that!  But here's a small sample of my May show, and some work you can still see at Jones Gallery this month:

Of course, the one that won't be there is the big one in the middle, called "The Wanderer."  She will be in her new home by then.  

Moving right along, I am currently working on my "Convicted" series, and I've posted the first 4 paintings on Facebook.  I am planning for 20 altogether, and I'm getting ready to start #12 pretty soon.  Here are the first 4 in the series:

No More (Ezekiel 45:9)
oil on panel
10x8 inches
Graven Image (Exodus 20: 4-6)
oil on panel
10x8 inches
Neighbor (Luke 10:29-37, Romans 12:19-21, 13:10)
oil on panel
10x8 inches
When Pride Comes (Proverbs 11:2, Galatians 6:4-5)
oil on panel
10x8 inches
 I am planning on posting #5 and #6 sometime next week.  Their titles are "More Than This" and "By the Sword", respectively.

The month of May also had a very fun Fourth Friday in downtown Lee's Summit.  I had the opportunity to show some work and do a live painting demonstration at Red Door Wine Store.  I haven't done too many live painting demos before, and this was certainly the most lively in terms of the onlookers.  Total blast, I have to admit.  I have a very reserved personality, a very un-loud voice, and I don't drink.  You'd think I'd be completely out of place at a very lively wine establishment.  But believe it or not, I really enjoy painting in front of an audience.  I enjoyed the discussions and questions people had.  There were surprisingly some very very interested folks.  Not just in oil painting, but in art overall.  And in keeping with the theme of wine, I decided to do a master copy of Velázquez' Bacchus from his painting "The Triumph of Bacchus" (aka, "Los Borrachos").  It was a pretty tough challenge, but here's what I came up with:

The work-in-progress after my 3-hour demo at Red Door Wine Store, May 22, 2015.

Finished piece.  Bacchus, after Velázquez
oil on canvas
12x9 inches
So, that brings us to June 2015... already!  As I said, my show at Jones Gallery continues this month with First Friday, June 5th.  Hope you all can come out and see the show (again)!  Jones Gallery is located at 1717 Walnut in downtown KC.

If you would be interested in seeing me do some more live painting, I will also be participating in June Fourth Friday's Plein Air Paint Out event in downtown Lee's Summit.  The date for that is June 26th, from 5-8pm.  Artists from all over the area, including yours truly, will be setting up their easels throughout the downtown Lee's Summit area and painting en plein air, which basically means "outside."  If you want to find me and say hello, I am planning on setting up at 2nd and Douglas to paint the old building of my church, Lee's Summit United Methodist.

There's a lot more I am looking forward to doing this summer.  And one of the things I'm looking forward to has to do with getting more active with some video/YouTube and/or possibly live streaming from the studio.  More to come on that later.  But in any case, let's hope for a great summer of art!

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